Why You Should Invest in a Home With a Little Extra Space

Deciding what home to invest in can be a bit intimidating. You think you know what you want, but it’s hard to know for sure. It is crucial for you to decide ahead of time what features your future buyers will be interested in. One thing they will always want is more wiggle room. More space is almost always better to sell; let’s go over the reasons why your future buyers will want larger homes, and how you can sell them on the space.

Make More Room for Storage

Storage space is at the forefront of every house-shopper’s mind. A house might be perfect in every other way, but if it doesn’t have enough storage space, that can be a real problem. Most people have a lot of stuff. Much of that stuff sits in storage until it is finally called out because the holidays are here or a new baby is born. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the sheer amount of stuff it takes to run a household.

Give Children Their Own Rooms

Families with younger children are often looking to get more space so their kids can have space of their very own. If nothing else, it is a surefire way to reduce the amount of fighting they will have to endure. Having their own room also gives kids a sense of stewardship over something important. Adding a mural can make their child’s bedroom feel more creative, but be considerate of your buyer’s wishes when deciding to put one in yourself before selling. Long story short, more space in the house means more rooms for the kids, which always looks good to a family looking to upsize.

Account for Guests

If your buyer has family or friends, they will probably be hosting them at some point. The home might be the perfect size for their family, but add a few guests and suddenly everyone feels like a bunch of sardines. If there is even a small chance that they will be entertained on occasion, they will choose a home that can comfortably accommodate the extra bodies.

There are many things to consider when choosing a home to invest in. Is it in a great location? Does it feel like home? Will it accommodate pets? While these considerations are crucial, don’t forget that a little extra space goes a long way when trying to put it back out on the market. 

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