Do You Have a Need for Speed? Sell Your Home in 30 Days or Less

Did you know that a home can sit on the market for months? Sometimes you don’t have months to wait when trying to sell a house. You might be going through a foreclosure, have lost income, be trying to work through a divorce, or have some other reason for needing to sell fast. How does selling your home in 30 days or less sound?

Skip the Agent

Some people might tell you that the best thing you can do to sell your home quickly is to enlist a top notch real estate agent to sell your home for you. Truth be told, that can work in some cases, but an agent is no guarantee that your home won’t sit on the market for months, waiting for someone to make an offer. As crazy as it might sound, if you want to sell your home in 30 days or less, the best thing to do is to skip the agent altogether.

Find a Cash Buyer

Choosing to skip the agent doesn’t mean you have to do all the leg work yourself and hope that you’ll be able to sell fast. In fact, that will likely have the opposite result unless you already have a buyer on hand. No, the best thing to do if you want to sell in a month or less is to find a cash buyer like Joe Homebuyer of Eastern Pennsylvania to sell your home to. Cash buyers like to move fast on houses. Because they know what they’re looking for in a property, all they’ll need is to inspect it once after you’ve contacted them to tell them about your home. From there, you’ll get a no obligation cash offer, often within 24 hours of the inspection.

Close the Sale

Once you’ve received the offer, all that’s left is for you to accept it and close the deal. Normally, the closing process can take a month just by itself. Because cash buyers don’t need to get approved for financing, they can close the deal with you much faster. How much faster? How about in about a week? That’s speed that’s hard to beat.

When you need to sell your home on a deadline, finding out that you can sell your home in 30 days or less can be a huge relief. It offers a light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that selling your home to a cash buyer is arguably the home selling method that requires the least amount of work and effort on the part of the homeowner is just an added bonus.

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