Closing with a Cash Buyer: How Long Does It Take?

You’ve decided that it’s time to sell your house and you want to sell to a cash buyer. You’ve heard that it’s the fastest way to sell your house, especially when it comes to a quick closing. But just how long does it take to close when selling your house to a cash buyer and how does that compare to selling your house to a traditional buyer?

About 2 Weeks

Traditional buyers can take anywhere from 30-60 days to close after you’ve accepted their offer, sometimes even longer. Cash buyers, on the other hand, can take two weeks to close if they move quickly. Some even close in 7-10 days if they’re really efficient and on top of things. That’s about half the time it takes a traditional buyer to close if everything goes quickly and smoothly.

What’s Involved

There aren’t quite as many steps involved in closing with a cash buyer, which is why it takes less time. You don’t have to wait for loan approvals or credit checks to go through. You do still have to take the time to verify that the seller has the money, secure title and escrow services, and have the earnest money submitted. There’s also the title review, any inspections and appraisals the buyer wants, the final walk-through, and the final meeting to close the deal and finalize all the paperwork.

The Professional Home Buying Difference

Remember how some cash buyers can close in about a week? That’s the standard for professional home buying companies like Joe Homebuyer of Eastern Pennsylvania. Part of that is because they don’t usually need inspections and appraisals beyond the appointment they make to see the home in the first place. As real estate experts, they know what they’re looking for and can evaluate properties quickly on their own, shaving off even more time. Is closing in 7 days too fast? Pick your closing date instead. Closing with a professional home buying company means that you get the benefit of selling to a buyer who wants to make things as easy and convenient for you as possible.

When you want to sell your home fast, the best thing to do could be to sell your home to a cash buyer. Cash buyers have the advantage of skipping the steps required by lenders, which can save weeks, if not months on the process. For the ultimate speedy close, choose a professional home buyer like Joe Homebuyer of Eastern Pennsylvania.

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